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Employee Shuttle Services in Prince Rupert, BC, Kitimat, BC and Dease Lake, BC

Are miners, technicians, or other workers in your mine having difficulty getting from their nearby city or town to the mine every day? Do you want to ensure that your crew arrives on time and in an orderly fashion every day, without hassle, and without hiccups?

North Coast Shuttle & Expediting has years of experience transferring employees from the Terrace area to their place of work. With our 14-passenger vehicles, we can get an entire shift’s worth of employees to their mine, factory, or airport in one go!

Are you looking to get your employees to Rio Tinto’s aluminum smelter in Kitimat, BC? Don’t rely on amateur shuttle bus companies, call North Coast Shuttle & Expediting!

Employee Transportation Services Near Me

If you’re working closely with a staff transport service in Terrace, you want someone who understands the significance of punctuality. At North Coast Shuttle & Expediting, we understand it as good as anyone. Why’s that? North Coast Shuttle & Expediting isn’t just one guy with a spacious minivan and a drivers’ license. We’re a company ourselves. We understand the value of efficiency and time-saving strategies, If our employees couldn’t get to work on time, our entire operation would crumble. We don’t let that happen to us, and we’re not going to let it happen to you!

If you need any further assurance of North Coast Shuttle & Expediting’s reliability, why not take a look at some of our clients. WestJet Airlines Ltd., operating out of Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-Kitimat (YXT), has relied on our staff transport services for years now. We think that sets the bar to a pretty high level. If an airline relies on our services time and time again, we must be doing something right.

Do you need airport transportation? Give us a call!

Staff Transport Services in Terrace

Are you and your co-workers having to carpool from Terrace to your factory or coal mine on a day-to-day basis? Is every day stressful because you’re always having to plan your trip to the Huckleberry copper mine? Why not call North Coast Shuttle & Expediting.

When you work with a professional charter service to get your employees or co-workers to work on time, you get:

  • 14-Passenger capacity vans
  • Professional drivers
  • Safety guaranteed—our drivers and our vans are top of the line!
  • Efficient route planning
  • Comfortable seating
  • Luggage and small equipment storage

The Benefits of Offering Employee Transportation

Providing transport for your employees is not just for the benefit of the workers, it benefits your company and the environment. Let’s take a brief look at how North Coast Shuttle & Expediting’s employee shuttle services can do all this and more.

Shuttle buses increase employee productivity, for starters. When your employees have downtime on our 14-passenger shuttles, they are ready to prepare for the workday that awaits them. They’ll arrive on site well-rested, ready, and eager to get to work!

The city of Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia are advocating for sustainable commuting by offering subsidies and incentives to companies who offer transportation to their employees. They want to reduce carbon emissions with the help of companies like us.

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